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How to File Taxes as Self Employed

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You're self-employed...and you've been dreaming about starting your own business for a long time. You finally got the opportunity to make it happen! Congratulations 🎉

But now there's this thing called "Taxes" that's got you feeling a bit uneasy 😩 especially because you know that "how" you need to file for your business and yourself has definitely changed.

Don't worry 😉, my course is here to help. As a small business owner myself who became self employed back in 2005, I know how hard it can be trying to figure all of this out while you're trying to balance your life and run your business successfully. Taxes and business is what I do, but you're in a totally different industry so I created this course with you in mind so that you can have a peace of mind while you go through the process of filing taxes as self employed.

My course is also for people who have filed taxes as self employed but have made mistakes or missed opportunities simply because you lack the proper information.

Heading over to TurboTax, Tax Act etc won't do you any good without the information I'm going to teach you in this course. Plus, I'm sharing hidden gems of information that the software is not going to tell you!

As an added bonus, I'm including a separate video on Business Tax Deductions which you definitely want to develop a clear understanding of what they are and how to effectively use them in your business. 

Included is a printable 4 page list of business tax deductions because I wanted to help make sure you don't overlook things that you're spending money on that you more than likely can write off 💰

So go ahead and add my course to the cart and I'll see you on the other side. (Btw, visit my other courses to see if you need something else because when you bundle your purchase, you'll get a discount!)

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